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Sunday 02/01/15
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Grupo Cosmobelleza achieves to reach the market of professional beauty on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, thanks to its extended coverage of the professional publishing scene. The company has three professional magazines: Tocado, for hairdressing; Vida Estética-Les Nouvelles Esthétiques, for aesthetics; Revista Cosmobelleza, for the hairdressing and aesthetic sectors and distributed through distributors of the sector. In addition, the website, besides the sectors covered by the magazines, also covers the Wellness World’s news and informs the visitors about the last news on Cosmobelleza & Wellness Fair. The company also offers a meeting platform between manufacturers and professionals, called Cosmobelleza Feria Online. This platform is an extended products shop window divided into 4 channels (Aesthetics, Hairdressing, Wellness and Aesthetic Medicine) & their corresponding categories and subcategories, a menu allowing an agile navigation on the website where the professionals will find all the comprehensive products and services he needs with just a click.

Grupo Cosmobelleza communicates in all senses of communication: digital, written and personal, and to the entire crowd involved in the beauty sector: the professional, the wholesaler, the distributor or the importer, and the media.

Joining Grupo Cosmobelleza your company will be able to communicate with more than 20.000 professionals every day thanks to newsletter; with more than 110.000 professionals each month, who are the magazines subscribers and the website visitors; and with more than 80.000 professionals during the three days of the fair.

With Grupo Cosmobelleza you will reach a complete communication of your business.